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Catheter Caddy®
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​​The Catheter Caddy® enhances mobility and comfort for both men and women who are urinary catheter patients. Designed to allow the patient to move about freely without constantly worrying about maintaining the drain bag, the Caddy is a cloth bag which  securely holds a urinary catheter drain bag in three different applications as shown below.

The Catheter Caddy® Thigh and Ankle bags improve comfort and reliability by widely redistributing most of the weight of the drain bag from the leg to the hips through the use of a lightweight waist belt.  Both leg bag applications hold up to an 1,000 ml/32 oz. leg drain bag.

The Catheter Caddy® Wheelchair bag has two interior pockets:  one to fit flat bottomed drain bags and one to fit V-shape bottomed drain bags and will hold up to a 4,000 ml drain bag.

The Catheter Caddy® Feeding Tube bag provides a discrete, secure and stable way of managing gastrointestinal feeding tubes, and is designed to fit up to a 38 inch mid-torso.  

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