Wrap belt around torso and insert through loop on side of Catheter Caddy®.

You're ready for your day!

Coil tube and secure top of bag with velcro fasteners.

Insert feeding tube into opening in back of Catheter Caddy®.

The Catheter Caddy® Feeding Tube Bag securely holds a gastrointestinal feeding tube while not in use.  The bag has an adjustable strap that wraps around the neck and another around the mid-torso allowing the bag to fit comfortably and securely.

Tighten to comfort, fold back and secure with velcro.

Wrap neck strap around neck and adjust to comfort.

Catheter Caddy® - Feeding Tube Bag

Secure neck strap with velcro on front corner of bag.

 Catheter Caddy® Feeding Tube Bag

Caddy CARRY THE BAG!​   ®