Catheter Caddy® Wheelchair Bag

To drain, place foot up on toilet with drain valve extending over bowl.  Open valve and drain. Close valve. Resecure bag.

Pull pants up and over Catheter Caddy® and secure pants.

Inside leg placement shown above.

Secure Catheter Caddy® bag with lower leg strap.

Make sure extension support strap buckle (e.g., horizontal buckle) is centered in outer thigh line. Insert extension support strap through buckle and pull to a comfortable tension.  Secure with velcro.

Wrap leg belt around leg (left or right) and slip belt tip through belt  buckle and secure to comfort. Adjust Catheter Caddy® bag placement to desired position (inside or outside leg).

Place leg belt buckle through Catheter Caddy® bag loops.  Place drain bag into Catheter Caddy® bag. Holds up to 1,000 ml/32 oz. drain bags.

You're ready for your day!

Secure belt around waist.  make sure logo is facing in toward leg.

You're ready for your day!

Catheter Caddy® Ankle Bag

Catheter Caddy® Thigh Bag

To drain, lower pants, loosen leg strap, place over toilet and open drain valve.  Close and refasten

Place belt buckle through extension support strap. Catheter Caddy® logo label should face in toward leg.

Pull pants up and over Catheter Caddy® and secure pants.

Slide bag to preferred leg (if wearing on left leg, bag logo should face in toward leg). Secure Catheter Caddy® with leg strap fastened to velcro on front of Caddy, then secure drain tubing in velcro clasp on belt loop.

Outside thigh placement shown above.

Insert belt, buckle first, through Catheter Caddy® belt loops.

Wrap belt around waist and fasten by inserting belt through buckle, pulling tight and securing with velcro.  Insert drain bag into Catheter Caddy®. Holds up to 1,000 ml/32 oz. leg drain bags.  [Inside thigh placement shown above.]


Secure neck strap with velcro on front corner of bag.

Ready to drain.

Bag is easily removed from straps with easy-open clasps.

Wrap neck strap around neck and adjust to comfort.

Wrap belt around torso and insert through loop on side of Catheter Caddy®.

You're ready for your day!

Two interior pockets:  one to hold flat bottomed bags; one to hold V-shape bottoms.

Catheter Caddy® holds flat bottomed or V-shaped drain bags up to 4,000 ml.

free yourself...

let the caddy carry the bag!​   ®

Coil tube and secure top of bag with velcro fasteners.

Insert feeding tube into opening in back of Catheter Caddy®.

Secure. Discrete. Easy to use.  Also adaptable for walkers.

Easy access to drain valves through opening in bottom of Catheter Caddy®.

Hangs on back of chair with adjustable velcro straps.

Catheter Caddy® - Feeding Tube Bag

Catheter Caddy® Feeding Tube Bag

Tighten to comfort, fold back and secure with velcro.

Slip drain bag into Catheter Caddy® and secure with velcro across top of bag.