Wrap belt around waist and fasten by inserting belt through buckle, pulling tight and securing with velcro.  Insert drain bag into Catheter Caddy®. Holds up to 1,000 ml/32 oz. leg drain bags. [Outside thigh placement shown above.]

Inside thigh placement shown above.

Catheter Caddy® Thigh Bag

To drain, lower pants, loosen leg strap, place over toilet and open drain valve.  Close and refasten.

The Catheter Caddy® Thigh Bag is designed to allow the catheter wearer to move about freely without constantly worrying about maintaining the bag.  Worn on the upper leg, it can be adjusted to comfort in a variety of positions. The bag is suspended from a lightweight waist belt effectively transferring and redistributing the weight of the drain bag from the leg to the hips.  The bag completely encloses the drain bag eliminating any direct contact with the skin and ensuring that the bag will not slip down the leg.  It will hold leg drain bags up to 1,000 ml/32 ounces. 

Pull pants up and over Catheter Caddy® and secure pants.

Caddy CARRY THE BAG!​   ®

Insert belt, buckle first, through Catheter Caddy® belt loops.

You're ready for your day!

Slide bag to preferred leg (if wearing on left leg, bag logo should face in toward leg). Secure Catheter Caddy® with leg strap fastened to velcro on front of Caddy, then secure drain tubing in velcro clasp on belt loop.