Make sure extension support strap buckle (e.g., horizontal buckle) is centered in outer thigh line. Insert extension support strap through buckle and pull to a comfortable tension.  Secure with velcro.

Place leg belt buckle through Catheter Caddy® bag loops.  Place drain bag into Catheter Caddy® bag. Holds up to 1,000 ml/32 oz. drain bags.

Pull pants up and over Catheter Caddy® and secure pants.

Wrap leg belt around leg (left or right) and slip belt tip through belt  buckle and secure to comfort. Adjust Catheter Caddy® bag placement to desired position (inside or outside leg).

​​​​You're ready for your day!

Secure belt around waist. Make sure logo is facing in toward leg.

To drain, place foot up on toilet with drain valve extending over bowl.  Open valve and drain. Close valve. Resecure bag.

Inside leg placement shown above.

Caddy CARRY THE BAG!​   ®

Secure Catheter Caddy® bag with lower leg strap.

Catheter Caddy® Ankle Bag

Place belt buckle through extension support strap. Catheter Caddy® logo label should face in toward leg.

The Catheter Caddy® Ankle Bag is similar in design and flexibility to the Catheter Caddy®​ Thigh Bag.  It includes an extension strap and lower leg belt to allow the user to wear the drain bag on the lower leg.