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Catheter Caddy LLC grew out of an act of love.  One of the principals of the company was caring for an aged and ailing family member who was catheterized.  Seeing the suffering caused by the immobility, discomfort and inconvenience created by the hospital-provided catheter solution, she sat down at the sewing machine to remedy the situation.  Born from this act of caring was the prototype for today's Catheter Caddy®.  

The Catheter Caddy® is created to provide enhanced mobility and comfort to both men and women who are urinary catheter patients.  It is designed to allow the patient to move about freely without constantly worrying about maintaining the leg drain bag.  The Catheter Caddy® is specifically designed to reduce discomfort from friction caused by the catheter leg bag rubbing against skin and pressure caused by the restraining straps holding the bag in place. Both of these issues are eliminated through its waist belt/suspension bag design which removes the weight from the leg and distributes it widely across the patient's hips.  The cloth bag reduces skin friction due to its pliancy and moisture absorbency.

The Catheter Caddy® holds the leg bag firmly in place around the thigh or lower leg with an adjustable strap.  The 
suspension loops can be moved to allow for the placement of the Caddy on either the right or left leg and on the outside, inside or front of the leg.  The bag allows for ease in emptying a full drain bag with an opening at the bottom for the easy access to the drain valve.   

At Catheter Caddy®, we are interested in creating and providing  products 
that are useful to the user and enhance the quality of life.  This primary motivation is the genesis for the company and the Catheter Caddys® you see here. 

Catheter Caddy LLC

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